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Like, Tiffany try an immediate care staff that is used by Handy Home-care Service

38- Q. Need to an employer buy new employee's drive otherwise travelling go out from your home toward household of the individual receiving functions?

An effective. No. Underneath the FLSA, regular household-to-functions travelling does not need to be paid regardless of whether new staff works during the a predetermined place otherwise on other work websites. In the event that a direct care employee travel on the very first functions site straight from home, and efficiency privately household regarding finally works site, so it commuting travelling date generally doesn't need to be paid.

39- Q. When the an employee brings properties so you're able to numerous anyone in the work-day and may travel between these worksites, really does one to take a trip date count while the functions big date that must be paid back?

The a half hour expected to travelling between the two residential property is hours has worked and you will, as of , should be repaid by the Convenient Homecare Institution even in the event Tiffany didn't take a trip directly between people

An effective.